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  • Main Land O Lakes website (all Divisions)
  • Wisconsin Amateur Baseball Organization This site is dedicated to amateur baseball in Wisconsin. One of the most popular features of it is the Jack O' Diamonds page where it has the "Sweet Sixteen" (this rankings for the top 16 baseball teams in the state)
  • Oconomowoc Area Baseball Club
  • The Beauty that is the 1965 Cadillac
  • Mt Rushmore Bat Company
  • The Irish-American Catholic This is an online publication devoted to faith, culture, politics and sports that is updated daily by Dan Flaherty. IAC invites its reader to adopt the mindset of entering a humble outpost in the Old Country-amidst the Irish music, the political chatter, the finest sports page in the Catholic media with men of the cloth "dropping in", as it were to instruct the flock. All have their place on IAC.
    Dan was the sports correspondant for the Five Os for the Oconomowoc Enterprise in the early 90's. Dan's "colorful" articles and editorials for the Enterprise have yet to be matched. On his site you can also order his newly published book, Fulcrum.
  • Oconomowoc Enterprise
  • Oconomowoc Focus
  • Oconomowoc Flag Football Association

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