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Fan Of The Year Award

2015:  Earl Eppler
2014:  Mike and Wendie Mitchell
2013:  Kait Meyer
2012:  Dan Flaherty
2011:  Mike Eppler & Jarod Bartel
2010:  Dick Thurow & Theresa Lusic
2009:  Cheryl & Randy Luck
2008:  Cheech Counsell
2007:  Mike & Gavin Schuyler
2006:  Dave Schlosser & Nancy Rhoads
2005:  Tom Rhoads & Jenna Clemans
2004:  Gilbert "Gib" Kraut
2003:  Jason Czarpata
2002:  Phil "Canman" Behrand
2001:  Jerry Thurow
2000:  Tommy OB & Cheryl O'Brien
1999:  Gilbert "Gib" Kraut
1998:  Frank "Peaser" Nissen
1997:  Frank "Peaser" Nissen
1996:  Tom & Nancy Rhoads

Top Fans

Canman Phil
Tommy O.B.
65 Cadillac

Hands down one of the biggest fan of the Five Os ever. Never missed a game and can remember scores and stories back to the 60s. Loved his straw.

Canman Phil
Rumored to be the richest man in Oconomowoc. Tracks lotto numbers every day for the past many years. A die hard fan. Also one of the top fans of the 65 Cadillac.

The 65 Caddy
The first not living object to make it to the prestigious "Top Fans" page. Came into possession off eBay, it can easily and safely carry 8 full grown men to Ponderosa during rain delays. Click here for it's web page.

One third car racer, one third Five Os fan, one third beer drinker. Claims to have drank at least one beer a day for over a year. Has made many promises to have the Five O's logo painted on his race car, but has yet to produce.

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