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Dan's Enterprise Articles

Dan Flaherty
Dan Flaherty covered the Five O's for the Oconomowoc Enterprise for two years from 1993-1994. His journalism and literacy genius has yet to be matched to this day. Along with the articles all listed on the left, he has also published two books and written some feature articles for (all listed below).

Currently he is the editor of: In hiw two years with the Enterprise, he managed to squeak the following words/terms by the editor:

  • insolvency
  • aberration
  • the Greek philosopher Pericles was referenced once
  • "With the power and ruthlessness of a circular rip saw..."
  • vigorous
  • bash brigade
  • "Dussault is part of Oconomowoc's "Collegiate Cavalry," who have ridden into town with reinforcements."
  • "You can douse the fire. You can call in the dogs, the hunt is over."
  • "The loss virtually ensured that Oconomowoc player/manager Jason Brown will not be ordering any division championship rings from the local jewelers."
  • virtuous
  • sojourned
  • unscathed
  • scintillating

  • Click on any links to the left to read Dan's articles.
  • The Irish American Catholic - Dan's website devoted to sports, politics, and the Catholic Church.
  • The Scholar - Dan's first published book. Currently he is working on the second version. Available for purchase on Amazon. (1,241,030th on Amazon's Sales Rank)
  • Fulcrum - Dan's second book which is set in 1940s Irish Boston. Available for purchase at Dan's website. (1st on Dan's website Sales Rank)
  • 2012 Five O's Season Preview - A Dying Dynasty?
  • Land O Lakes / Major League Baseball comparison - Dan compares LOL ball to Major League Baseball
  • "Five Os Memories" - Feature article written for detailing Dan's memories of the Five Os in the early 90s.
  • "Joe Gibbs the Offensive Coordinator" jingle - Dan's jingle to the great Joe Gibbs.
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