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2013 Writeups

at Neosho (9/8/13)
at Kewaskum (8/14/13)
vs West Bend (8/9/13)
at West Bend (8/2/13)
at Lebanon (7/30/13)
vs North Lake (7/21/13)
vs Farmington (7/19/13)
at Brookfield (7/14/13)
at Monches (7/13/13)
at Merton (7/7/13)
at Lannon (7/5/13)
vs West Bend (7/4/13)
at Sussex (6/23/13)
vs Brookfield (6/22/13)
at North Lake (6/16/13)
vs Hustisford (6/14/13)
at Pewaukee (6/9/13)
vs Merton (6/8/13)
at Clyman (6/5/13)
vs Brookfield (6/2/13)
at Johnson Creek (5/31/13)
at Menomonee Falls (5/26/13)
vs Hartland (5/25/13)
vs Lannon (5/19/13)
at Hartland (5/12/13)
vs Menomonee Falls (5/5/13)
vs Pewaukee (5/1/13)
vs Pewaukee (4/28/13)

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Past Year Writeups:

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